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A recent study found that college students were deciding not to get textbooks due to the financial strain it placed on their budget despite the fact that it would most certainly hurt their grades.

We all know textbooks are expensive and take a big bite out of our (or family) budget. The typical student pays well over $1,000 a year on textbooks alone. The price of textbooks has risen over 812% since 1978 according to University of Michigan Professor Mark J. Perry. That 818% rise is way more then the price gas has gone up in that time !

College costs are out of control. Tuiton continues to rise without any stop in sight. Along with the continuing tutiton increases are all the petty fees we have to pay each year. What we are trying to do at is give you a little break. By using our advanced search technology, we seek to find you the lowest price on the internet for your textbook ! You just search by Title, Author, ISBN, or Keyword and we scour the book sellers and show the price for you to compare and purchase. We even show you if any coupons exist to save you even more moeny. So reduce some of those college costs by trying us and saving money. Also please let all your friends know about us.... we appreciate that.